Merit Pools News as of May 10th, 2022

5/25/22 - Holiday Closure - The store will be closed on Sunday, May 29th and Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day.

5/10/22 - New Pool Testing Machine - Merit Pools has ordered a new 2022 Pool Water Test machine to partner with our current LaMotte Disc Testing System. This will give us the ability to test several people at a time. We also offer water sample drop off service. Drop off your water sample and come back later for the results.

5/10/22 - Algaecide Shortage - After calling all of our Suppliers and Vendors we continue to struggle with supply chain issues with several items. Algaecide is in very short supply and the limited Algaecide we can get is being sold at record high prices. The only good news is that we have a limited supply of Algaecide available for our Customers.

5/10/22 - Chlorine Shortage - Going into 2022, you can expect to continue to have a chlorine shortage for 3" tabs in particular. This shortage is expected to continue into the Fall of 2022. Merit Pools has pre-purchased as may chlorine tabs as we could during the winter months to insure our Customers have a ready supply. As of today, we have a very limited supply of 25lb. containers of 3" Tabs. This changes DAILY !!! As new information becomes available, we will update this page. It also may be a good time to consider a fresh water to salt conversion. Ask us how!

5/10/22 - We're Hiring! - Due to the recent purchase of Merit Pools, we are expanding our services to serve our Customers better. If you know anyone who would like to work in the pool industry, we will have positions open in Retail In-Store Sales (full or part-time), Service Techs - Experienced only (full or part-time), Pool Cleaners - will train (full-time only). To apply, send a job history, resume and a brief overview of skills and availability to:

5/10/22 - Supply Chain Effects - Effective May 10th, 2022, The Retail Store has again received a second notification from multiple suppliers that the entire pool industry will be affected by the National Supply chain issues you see on TV and in the Newspapers. We highly encourage all our Customers to leave us an e-mail for items they may need in 2022.

8/1/21 - New Ownership of Merit Pools - Effective August 1, 2021, Merit Quality Pools, Inc. was sold by Ed & Meri George to Jon Truskauskas of Outback Enterprises, LLC who also owns Outback Excavation. Moving forward the "new" business will be know as MERIT POOLS

Mr. Truskauskas has many new improvements planned for the store and service departments. In the store you can expect to see new counters and displays, upgraded point of sale register. The store will be completely renovated in 2021 / 2022 and be ADA (American Disability Act)  compliant. Modernizing our fleet of service vehicles has already taken place as well as modernizing of test equipment and pool maintenance equipment. You can expect to see some new faces as well as the expert Pool Technicians you are already familiar with. Please come visit us and see all that's new.